Wachendorff Automation offers you rugged industrial components and intelligent system solutions for the highly accurate measurement of distance and direction. The rugged industrial quality of Wachendorff-manufactured encoders is backed up by a 5 year warranty.

Your application will determine the solution – we are flexible and equipped to deal with every requirement:

  • Incremental or absolute encoders
  • Optical or magnetic encoders
  • Rugged industrial components
  • Intelligent system solutions
  • Standard or customer solution
  • Single items, large or small production runs

There are already more than 750 Wachendorff-customer solutions in use worldwide. We look forward to working with you to determine the optimal solution for your application and deliver this on-schedule. We are true experts.

Put us to the test! You will be inspired by our skilled and dedicated personal advice.

Downloads – Information

      “Short-Catalogue Encoders and systems”
  • Incremental and absolute encoders
  • Digital shaft copying
  • Made in Germany
  • Motorfeedback
  • Position Measurement Systems
 Download (4.3 MB)

     “PROFINET Absolute Encoders WDGA”

Fast and compact

 Download (528 KB)

  “Installation kit WDGAK58B/58E for frequency-controlled drivers”
  • One set for all needs – minimum effort, maximum effect
  • Easy to mount on all motor shafts
  • Flexible and robust
  • Cost-effective solution for modernisation and servicing needs
  • Ready-to-use 15 m cable
 Download (626 KB)

     “Installation kit WDGAK100K for frequency-controlled drivers”
  • One set for all needs – minimum effort, maximum effect
  • For mounting on motors
  • Robust hollow shaft encoder
  • Reduce and isolate
  • Ready-to-use 15 m cable
 Download (567 KB)

     “Draw-wire system SZG140”
 Download (473 KB)

    “WDGI encoder – the new incremental industry standard”
  • Die-cast aluminium housing, powder coated
  • Maximum bearing loads of up to 500 N, axial / radial
  • Self-adhesive membrane
  • High output frequency 600 kHz / 2 MHz
  • Extended operating temperature -40 °C to +85 °C
 Download (1.4 MB)

    “Silent Move Compact”

Digital shaft copying

 Download (759 KB)

    “Position measurement in elevator technology”

Encoder WDGA58B CANopen LIFT with 9-pin D-SUB connector

 Download (538 KB)

    “Hollow shaft encoder WDG 100I”

Hollow shaft encoder with insulating sleeve

 Download (473 KB)

 Download (279 KB)

    “Absolute encoder with integrated I/O technology”

WDGA I/O with CAN bus

 Download (537 KB)

    “Accurate positioning or marking systems with LMS LA12”
  • Space-saving complete system
  • Excellent print layout, thanks to a resolution of 0.008 mm/pulse
  • Versatile use on different surfaces
  • High linear compensation
 Download (0.9 MB)

    “Precise positioning … with the LMS MA”
  • Space-saving and reliable complete system for position, speed and length
  • Up to 0.008 mm/pulse for excellent measurement results
  • Suitable for any surface
  • Quickly mounted and adjusted
 Download (1.3 MB)

   Handout PROFIBUS Absolute Encoder WDGA
  • Compact design
  • Very high shaft loading
  • Can be connected flexibly
  • Can be switched between class 1, 2, 3 and 4
 Download (598 KB)

   “WDG 100H Hollow shaft encoder for precise measurement on power motors”
  • Robust and extremly flat
  • Simply assembly
  • High protection level up to IP55
  • Up to 20,480 PPR
 Download (413 KB)

    “Dust-protected encoders WDG 145H”

Dust-protected according DIN 40050-9

 Download (401 KB)

    “Absolute encoders WDGA”
  • Absolute encoders with flange Ø 36 mm / Ø 58 mm
  • Single-/Multiturn (14/40 bit)
  • Ground-breaking technology 32 Bit processor
  • Very high shaft loading, IP67
  • EnDra® Multiturn technology: No gears, no battery
 Download (522 KB)

    “Silent Move twin” Redundant digital shaft copying

EN81-1/2 A3 ready

  • Absolute position of the lift
  • Redundancy with 2 encoders, absolute and/or incremental
  • Safety switch
  • Up to 4 m/s, 120 m high, 2 m/s²
  • CANopen Lift, CANopen, SSI, incremental
 Download (751 KB)

     ” Motorfeedback WDGF “
  • Highest precision for high dynamic motion control
  • Compact design: Ø 58 mm
  • BISS-C, SSI with 19 bit singleturn and up to 2,048 sin/cos
  • Incremental up to 25,000 PPR
  • Electronic ID label
 Download (411 KB)

      “Corrosion resistant encoder”

Salt mist IEC 600068-2-11 succeeded.

 Download (297 KB)

“Encoders high pressure /steam cleaning suitable

Protection against cleaning agents in high pressure / steam cleaning.
First class in food and beverage industrie.

 Download (212 KB)

     Solutions for mobile machines
  • Sensors for angle, route, engine speed, length, position
  • Tested resistance against environmental influences
  • CANopen, SAE J1939, RS485
  • Individual solutions for your series production
 Download (480 KB)

     “Starterkit with encoder WDGA36A absolute”

Get to know CANopen and test it in your plant.

 Download (182 KB)

     “Magnetic encoder WDG 24C”

very compact design for use in rough conditions.
up to IP67 all-round

 Download (364 KB)

      “Encoder 58 Series with 25.000 PPR”

Solid shaft and hollow shaft.

 Download (198 KB)

      “Marking Systems even more powerful”

Complete systems, with a selection of spring levers and measuring wheels to suit all surfaces.

 Download (488 KB)

     “Silent Move light”

Quiet digital shaft copying for up to 17 stops.

 Download (163 KB)

     Solutions for lifts
  • Digital shaft copying
  • Installation kits
  • Encoders
  • Made in Germany
 Download (2.8 MB)

     Panel meters and controller

Controlling, indication and monitoring

 Download (837 KB)

     Panel meters

Controlling, indication and monitoring

 Download (1.1 MB)

 Graphic Universal Display
 Download (173 KB)
    Solutions for elevators U.S. Letter
  • Digital shaft copying
  • Installation kits
  • Encoders
 Download (374 KB)

    Flyer “Couplings”

as an accessories for encoders

 Download (1.0 MB)
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