electrocamElectro Cam puts more than 20 years experience into position sensing and control products for your application.

All our products are designed for top performance in harsh industrial environments where reliable shaft position sensing is required.

Our application expertise enables us to create innovative and economical solutions that can enhance both your productivity and end-product quality.


Corporate Brochure


Cam Switches – 2000 Series

EC-2000/2400 Series Product Overview , Lit # 102, 03/96 (2,579 K)

Cam Switches – 3000 Series

PLµS Controllers – 6000 Series


PLµS Controllers – 5000 Series

PLµS® Controllers – 4000 Series
(Electro Cam Corp. has replaced the 4000 Series Controllers with the 5000 Series, but supports all 4000 Series units purchased. )

PLµS Drawings


Resolvers, Encoders & Accessories


Resolver Drawings


Net Forward Encoder Interface

PS-2252-12-PT1 NFEI


PL-1746 PLµS® Plug-In Module

If you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint, click here for a page to download a free version of PowerPoint Viewer 97.

Due to the large size of some of these files, it may take several minutes to access them on-line!  We recommend downloading and saving the file to your hard drive first (right-click, save-as) and then run from your computer.

Explanation for the work-around for the bug in
version 5.5 of RS-Logix 500 and RS-Logix 500 PRO

PL-1746 PLµS® Utility Ladders

Configuration.rss and Pulses.rss are used to store and retrieve module memory. Examples.rss provides examples of specific function programming.

      C01 & C04 Utility Ladders

     C02 & C03-S Utility Ladders

     C02 & C03 Utility Ladders


Application Notes

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