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American Aerospace Controls (AAC) is a Premier manufacturer of AC & DC current, voltage, power and frequency transducers since 1965. American Aerospace Controls is a company dedicated exclusively to the design and manufacture of electrical transducers for high reliability defense, aerospace and space flight applications.Our unique in-house testing for manufacturing and development meets Space Flight, Mil Grade, EMI Standards and DO-160 for reliability.

The inherent quality levels of our manufacturing in compliance with ISO 9001 and AS9100 provides rail transit, commercial and industrial markets with standard catalog products produced in a high reliability environment. These markets benefit from customized products to meet specific needs that are not readily available.

The industrial market that AAC serves covers many different areas from mining, nuclear
power plants, control and testing on assembly lines, resin compounders, diagnostics for heavy equipment, marine automation and many others where measurement and control are desired along with reliability. Our industrial customers understand the need for performance and longevity to better ensure their success. We offer standard products that are built by the same people who provide high reliability products that meet the live environmental testing required for aerospace and defense on every unit that is shipped daily.

If the opportunity presents itself we can also customize a standard product for industrial
applications as well. The varied markets and applications AAC has served also creates the opportunity to apply older capability for new requirements such as third rail devices of the past for fuel cell applications of today.

This mosaic of a non-intrusive device, decades of experience with numerous applications
and in house engineering and testing capability necessitates one to explore AAC for your industrial needs.

AAC DC current and voltage products are literally “all aboard” mass transit and heavy transit rail systems. Given AAC’s reputation for reliability and durability, the following areas are a few of the rail and rail transit applications that rely on AAC excellence:
High accuracy applications, such as current transducers to monitor traction motor forward and reverse regenerative brake current. High sensitivity DC current detectors, with built-in relay and field adjustable trip point control, sense ground fault problems anywhere in the system. DC voltage detectors monitor third rail power applied to individual cars. The output relay responds when the voltage exceeds the field adjustable trip point setting.

Clamp on, split yoke dc current transducers provide an analog output signal (4 to 20mA)
directly proportional to the isolated input current. These units monitor critical fan and blower motor currents in locomotives. Through AAC customization capability with in house engineering and testing, new demanding products have been developed, validated and production product shipped in much shorter time period than expected.

AAC has met and continues to meet the changing demands of DOD applications through
product configuration and management within the ISO9001 and AS9100 requirements. For customized applications our detailed project management guides our disciplines to provide our customers with the assurance that all units meet or exceed performance and reliability requirements. We continually evaluate the feedback from our customers for continual improvement of all of our disciplines.

We provide this service worldwide staying current with the growing global defense
marketplace. In addition we conduct due diligence to document the end of use of our products to the international marketplace ensuring use of our technical product complies with US Government direction.

AAC legacy lies in the 25 + year service of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle with further
growth into the Stryker Vehicle. Both of these systems have performed within the harsh environments in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our capabilities have been tested by meeting the needs required for energy management from nuclear power generation aboard aircraft carriers.

These applications and many more are examples of with the non-intrusive nature of the
transducer allows numerous opportunities to achieve measurement and control on existing systems as well as new systems under design and development.

AAC is a AS9100 certified company supplying to military and commercial OEMs, system
integrators and repair stations worldwide. The essence of AS9100 is embodied in the AAC culture with the focus for continuous improvement. This culture not only sustains reliability but uses new technologies to meet new environmental challenges posed by military standards as well as DO-160 commercial standards. The engineering and manufacturing capabilities are constantly being reviewed and updated where necessary to meet customer performance and reliability needs.

AAC can be found on spacecraft, rotorcraft and fixed wing platforms in the defense and
commercial markets. These platforms are used worldwide and placed into service in harsh remote environmental conditions where serviceability is not a practical option. This is where reliability can not be mitigated and AAC steps forward with the capability to successfully meet these challenges.

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