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sensit_logo_940x198Sensit, a leading manufacturer of ceramic pressure transmitters and transducers, offer a range of pressure instrumentation from low cost pressure capsules for OEM equipment through to custom-built units for specialised applications.

  • Ceramic Sensors
  • Pressure Transducers
  • Pressure Transmitters
  • Submersible Level/Depth Transmitters
  • Quick Release Transducers
  • General Purpose Transmitters
  • Flush Diaphragm Transducers
  • Calibration
  • Accessories

Sensit M6420-50 ” The Standard”  4-20mA Output

The M6420-50 is a two wire, 4-20mA pressure
transmitter and is available in standard ranges from
0.5 bar to 600 bar, or may be scaled to customer
requirements. All ranges are available in gauge or
absolute format.

The M6420-50 pressure transmitter is based on a four
active arm strain gauge bridge fused to a high purity
alumina ceramic diaphragm, offering high natural
output coupled with superb chemical and corrosion
resistance.This is housed within a stainless steel case
with integral electronics and is supplied with a plug
and socket electrical connection. Pressure
connection is a G1/4 male thread as standard. Other
threads are available on request.

Sensit HPS Pressure Transducer:

HPS – A 4-20mA OUTPUT Two-wire, 4-20mA output transducer offering superb chemical and corrosion resistance. Gauge or Absolute pressure is detected using a four active arm strain gauge bridge sensor, fused to a high-purity ceramic diaphragm. Available in three classes of accuracy and compensation specified below, with ranges from 100mbar to 600 bar or scaled to customer requirements.


  • Stainless Steel housing
  • Rugged construction
  • Excellent linearity
  • Excellent long term stability
  • Wide temperature range
  • Intrinsically Safe versions available
  • I.S. T4 Class: -20°C to +90°C

Sensit Ceramic Pressure Sensors:

The P193 pressure sensor is a low cost pressure capsule available in standard ranges from 100mbar to 600 bar. All ranges are available in gauge or absolute format. It is ideal for continuous use in applications where the pressure medium is wet and corrosive and long term stability is of prime importance.

The type P193 pressure sensor is manufactured from high purity alumina ceramic. This material possesses superb chemical and abrasion resistance, making it unrivalled for use with virtually any pressure medium. The diaphragm of the sensing element has a four-active-arm strain gauge bridge fused to its inner face. This direct fusion ensures excellent long term stability and repeatability, which, coupled with the matched bridge network, provides excellent linear thermal characteristics.

Sensit Submersible Pressure Transmitter:

The Trident Series Level /Depth transmitter is a temperature compensated pressure transmitter designed for the measurement of liquid level in many applications, such as pump testing, reservoir level, borehole level, river level & tank level. The unit is of welded construction and is ideal for even the most onerous of applications.

Sensit Differential Pressure and Flow Transmitter:

This transmitter uses the same micro-machined silicon capacitance type sensor as the FCX gauge pressure transmitter to provide outstanding performance with long term stability. Ideal for use in harsh environments. Typical installations include oil pipelines, power stations, water treatment plants and steel mills.


  •     Reduced static pressure effect
  •     Square root output for flow meters
  •     14 point linearisation for tank shapes etc.
  •     High reliability micro-capacitance silicon cell
  •     Exceptional resistance to harsh environments
  •     Built-in loop calibration facility
  •     Field repair possible with common spare parts

Sensit Digital Pressure Gauge:

The Micro-bar range are two-wire loop powered 4 to 20mA transmitters based on a built-in capacitance based differential pressure cell for low range measurement on air and other dry gases. Standard pressure connections are push-fit sockets but units are also available with ¼”NPTF threads. The Liquid Crystal Display shows the measured pressure and status of the alarm outputs. Alternatively, when used in conjunction with Orifice plates, Pitots or other DP based flow sensors, units can be configured to provide root extraction of the pressure measurement, to display flow rate. Two switch outputs are programmable as flow or pressure setpoints or, for flow measurement, to provide a totaliser output pulse.

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