Tekel Encoders

The Tekel ( Italsensor ) the  company designs and produces transducers and electronic devices for the automation and particularly the following rotational encoders:

  • Incremental (Optical & Magnetic)
  • Single turn and Multi-turn absolute (Optical & Magnetic)
  • Programmable absolute
  • Bicoder-Incremental-Incremental or Incremental-Absolute sections
  • Electronics handwheels
  • Encoder + tacho-generator
  • Explosion proof encoders
  • Encoder + centrifugal relay
  • Encoder per scale
  • Encoder with flexable couplings per servo motors

Examples of encoder applications:

  • Machine tool axle control
  • Robot systems
  • Transport systems positioning
  • Handling plants


– Opto-electronic measuring system carried out by using modern integrated technologies(ASIC)
– Data digital handling through programmable logics (FPGA) and microprocessors (?P)
– Possibility of programming the operation parameters for single turn and multi turn absolute encoders
– Mixed measuring systems (incremental / absolute)
– Patented self-centering collet fixing system
– Patented optical system
– New encoder generation with internal diagnostic (self-testing)
– Models miniaturization
– Reduction of the electronic components number with consequent reliability increase
– Consumptions reduction
– An accurate design, the choice of the best materials and components and the strict controls during the production guarantee a high quality and reliability level of our products.
– 100% of our encoders is subjected to an accurate check by skilled operators.
– Automatic measuring devices are widely utilized during the production inspections .
– All our products have the brand.
– Explosion proof certificate.

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