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Going for Performance with a Dynapar Industrial Encoder

dynapar_harowe-servomotorBalancing a tough environment with speed and resolution, providing a versatile and tight-sealed form – an industrial encoder meets the needs when an application requires accuracy coupled with a demanding environment.

An industrial encoder is only one category of encoder; there are a total of four grades,

  • Heavy
  • Industrial
  • Servo
  • Light (or Commercial)

depending on the demands of the operating environment and the precision required by the application. Still, with its balance of durability and performance, an industrial encoder is one of the most common choices for most applications.

PDF Downloads

Dynapar CatalogDynapar Catalog


Metalworking Industry Product SheetMetalworking Industry Product Sheet


Food Beverage Industry Product SheetFood & Beverage Industry Product Sheet


Danaher Feedback Quick Ref Guide (FQRG200) thumb   Quick  Guide


Wood Processing Industry Product SheetWood Processing Industry Product Sheet


Ski Lift Industry Product SheetSki Lift Industry Product Sheet


Resolver BrochureResolver Brochure


Pulp and Paper Industry Product SheetPulp and Paper Industry Product Sheet


Steel Industry Piece 6_7_13Steel Industry Product Sheet


Wind BrochureWind Brochure


Mining Industry Product Sheet 12_14_12Mining Industry Product Sheet


General Automation Industry Product Sheet 12_14_12General Automation Industry Product Sheet


OHV BrochureOff Highway Vehicle Brochure


Oil and Gas Industry Product Sheet 1_28_13Oil and Gas Industry Product Sheet


ST56 Marketing Piece 6_7SLIM Tach ST56 Brochure


ST85 5_29_13SLIM Tach ST85 Product Marketing Sheet


ST67 Product Marketing Sheet 5_29_13SLIM Tach ST67 Product Marketing Sheet


NexGen RIM Tach 8500 BrochureNexGen RIM Tach 8500 Brochure


NexGen QubeNexGen Qube Brochure


HD35R Wind Brochure ImageHD35R Wind Brochure


HD35R Application Brochure ImageHD35R Application Brochure


hs35r-bro-thumb    HS35R Brochure


hsd35-bro-thumb   HSD35 Brochure


Encoder Application Handbook thumb   Encoder Application Handbook


NorthStar RIM Tach NexGen BrochureNorthStar RIM Tach NexGen Brochure


Servo BrochureDynapar Servo Encoder Brochure


pulp and paper brochurePulp and Paper Brochure


Steel Brochure CoverSteel Brochure