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New Zealand Holiday

Part of the adventure in New Zealand. Not quite “White water rafting” or “Bungy Jumping”, but a lay-over for a cup of tea. Only in New Zealand. If you have been this way you will know where it is. State Highyway 4 – North Island New Zealand. Heading North in the Campervan for an overnight stay at Tongariro National Park, an some active Volcanoes.

Photo from New Zealand Ironman Ceremony in Taupo-Prior.


Lee Williams: Sensit Customer service and Office Manager – lines up with his new band “The Lincolns”

Lee Williams:  Vocals, Guitar
Tony Peters: Guitar, Vocals
Darren Allison:  Double Bass, Vocals
Walter Comacchio:  Drums, Vocals
Milo the dog:  Barking at the police, Eating pizza crusts
Hometown:   Adelaide
Record Label:   Hardup Records
Influences:   Carl Perkins, Elvis, Ricky Nelson, Buddy Holly, Everly Brothers, Cliff Richard… the list goes on.

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New Zealand Ironman 2011

Sensit/Veederline: Technical Manager: Tony Brady (Age 58) completes the New Zealand Ironman in Taupo on, 5 Mar 2011. After finishing his first Ironman at Busselton W.A. in Dec 2009. Tony was looking for a “PB” in New Zealand, after a good year training, and a target goal set at about 11hr. However like all well laid plans. “Things turned bad.”

Only three weeks out from the event he came down very ill, very suddenly and in a lot of pain in middle back, fever etc. (to the point he could not lay down for more that 10min for a few days), saw Doctor and had CT Scan and diagnosed:

Diagnosis: Community-acquired bacterial Pneumonia: An infected right lung. Right lung collapsed in lower quadrant, with pus and fluid in bottom of lung. Left lung some minor signs of pneumonia.

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So the final three weeks of preparation where less than favorable. Recovery: on a course on anti-biotic, with rest, rest and more rest, absolutely no training. Five days prior to event and leaving for N.Z., he got the go ahead from his GP, with the understanding (use your brain and take it easy). It was now, not about a “PB”, but about making it to the “Start” line first and then a “Finish”.

The day of the event was very wet and very cold for the entire day and night. Mike Riley, on his one hundredth call off “Ironman events” – described the weather as one off the 3rd worst days of an event he had seen. “It was going to be a tough day in the office.”

Result was a Start and a Finish: 3.8km Swim: 180km Bike: 42.2km Run – Time 12 Hr:24 Min.

You can’t ask for better than that ….. Congratulations Tony.

Video depicts competitors and shows the great contribution of volunteers in such an event. Bravo all volunteers, with out them events such as these do not occur.

Veederline Pty. Ltd.  (Sensit Parent Company) was proud to aid in sponsorship to the event in the form on Ironman New Zealand Team Shirts for the  “West lake Triathlon Club of South Australia”   GO LAKERS!