There’s nothing worse than trying to download something on a website, and not being able to find it. Here at Sensit, we want you to find the information you need, when you need it.

Welcome to the Downloads Page. Here you will find the the most current copies of all our technical data sheets, organized and collated for your perusal. Click on the link to view the PDF in your browser, or right click on it and save it to your hard drive.

We’ll denote the name of the PDF and the date it was last updated. If you have any questions or special requests, you can reach us through our contact page.

Full Catalog Level Switches
Catalog L-5, L-5SS
Line Card L-8N, L-8CR
Flow Switches L-21N, L-21VCR, L21 PLUS
Q-1 L-30N, L-30R
Q-4 L-40N, L-40VCR
Q-5 and Q-5SS Controllers 
Q-8N and Q-8CR CF-8
Q-8DS and QD-8DS CF-12
Q-10N and Q-10VCR CF-112
Q-12N, Q-12DS & Q-12VCR LC-1
Q-15 SDC-101
Q-16 Wireless Switch Controller
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