Series 7143 Magnetic Sensors

  • High output gear tooth sensor
  • Requires no power Supply
  • For low RPM measurement

5PY Adapter for 2.5 Encoders

  • Kits include mounting plate and hardware
  • Makes servo mount 2.5″ or 60A encoders interchangeable with 5PY DC tach generators.
  • Suitable for all dynapr 2.5″: encoders

5PY Adapter for X25 Encoders

  • Kits include mounting plate and hardware
  • Makes servo X25 encoders interchangeable with 5PY DC Tacho generators.
  • Suitable for Dynapar Explosion Proof X25 Encoder

Cables and Connectors

  • Mating Connectors with Cable Clamps
  • Shielded Cable without Connector
  • Cable Assemblies
  • M12 & M8 Straight or 90deg
  • Field Wirable
  • Mil spec-Plugs & Sockets-6,7 or 10 pin standard

CPL Flexible Shaft Couplings

  • Maximum mechanical, thermal, and electrical protection for encoder shaft connections
  • Three-beam helical design restricts torque “windup”
  • Clamp attachment. No setscrews to score or pit shafts
  • Full range of models designed to match specific encoders are supplied with shaft size adaptors

FV2 Brushless Digital Feedback

  • Bidirectional Frequency/Voltage or Frequency/Current Converter
  • An FV2 and an encoder replace a DC Tachometer when precision feedback is required.

FV3 Frequency to Voltage Converter

  • Delivers 0 to +10 VDC or 4-20 mA outputs proportional to input pulse rate (frequency).
  • Accepts variable pulse rate inputs from a variety of sensors.
  • Linearity ±0.2% maximum.
  • An FV3 and an encoder replace a DC Tachometer when precision feedback is required.

“L” Mounting Bracket

  • Precision machined aluminum (6061-T6)
  • Drilled and tapped where required
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Encoder can be mounted from either side
  • Allows servo ring mount for phasing adjust

Measuring Wheels

  • Fit most Dynapar brand Encoders
  • Rubber, Phenolic and O-Ring Surfaces, Knurled
  • Fast, Easy Attachment
  • Typical stock-200mm, 300mm, 500mm, 1Ft, 1/3Meter
  • Various Bore sizes in Imperial and Metric

NEMA C Face Adapters

  • “Flowerpot”style adapter kit
  • Provides spacer, coupling and all necessary hardware
  • 5/8″I.D.couplingfor56C motorshaftswith extensions from 1.1″ to 1.8″ long

PM28S Dual Amplifier

  • Dual universal input amplifier
  • Provides 6 types of input functions
  • 240vac or 115vac supply
  • Srface mount robust Aluminum housing

Pivot Mount

  • Complete Pre-assembled Mounting System with Hardware Included
  • Single or Dual Wheel uses Same Mount
  • Easy Machine Attachment
  • Built-in Spring Tension for Accurate Tracking

Qube Pivot Mount

  • Complete mounting system with hardware included
  • Single or dual wheel uses same mount
  • Easy machine attachment
  • Accepts Series 21/22 Qube Encoders

Universal Tracking Mount

  • Complete, pre-assembled mounting system with hardware included
  • Single or dual wheel uses same mount
  • Easy machine attachment
  • Built-in spring tension with two degrees of freedom for accurate tracking

RIM M100 Encoder Tester

  • Performs up to 18 tests of signal output quality; simple one keystroke access to tests
  • Interfaces with most major brands of digital tachometers and encoders
  • Fast encoder checkout with numeric value display

RIM Signal Switcher

  • Accepts A, B, and Z inputs from two separate encoders
  • Eliminates the need for two input devices
  • Status indicators for normal operation and encoder selection
  • Thermal, under voltage, reverse polarity, and overload protection
  • Input voltage range from 4 to 26 VDC
  • Provides redundancy and backup

RIM SS2 Signal Splitter

  • Eliminates the need for two encoders
  • Routes signals to multiple locations, repeats and amplifies
  • Provides two independent, isolated 5-26 VDC line driver outputs
  • Compatible with virtually all incremental encoders


  • Tape-High quality
  • Rectangular or Square
  • Round
  • High temperature
  • Strip

Teflon Wells

  • Anti-static
  • Mechanical Protection
  • Sensor isolation
  • Application: Level control on Plastic’s regrind hoppers Capacitive Proximity’s

Convertors:  PNP to NPN or NPN to PNP

  • PNP input to NPN output or NPN input to PNP output.
  • Supplied with 12 – 30 VDC.
  • 1 module DIN-Rail Housing.
  • 2 versions: NPN to PNP or PNP to NPN.
  •  Short circuit proof output, 100mA/30VDC.

Proximity testers

  • Namur
  • AC/DC 2-WIRE
  • Battery Powered


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