Namco Controls has been in the heavy industrial control sensor business since 1937 with our first Snap-Lock® limit switch, a name synonymous with rugged reliability under brutal conditions. Today, we are the only source for limit switches for use in Nuclear Power Plants qualified to NRC requirements, with installations around the world.

When non-contact electronic sensing was required, first in automotive assembly lines, Namco was the first U.S. company to respond. We patented internal short circuit protection for 2-wire sensors and developed the first weld field immune (WFI) sensors to survive resistance welder applications, positioning Namco as a recognized leader in high reliability electronic sensing. In fact, reliability is so important to our customers that we introduced the industry’s first Lifetime Replacement Program for electronic sensors in 1987.


DuraProx™ Extended Range Proximity Sensors

  • Designed to survive the toughest
  • Automotive welding environments
  • Extended sensing ranges – 25mm
  • shielded and 35mm unshielded
  • Proprietary high-temperature
  • Abrasion-resistant coating on Sensing face resists weld-slag buildup
  • Nine-way sensing position flexibility
  • Mechanically… the toughest
  • Electronically… the most reliable

Sensor Kit for Power Clamps and Grippers:

  • 50mm or 140mm cable lengths available for gripper and power clamp applications
  • Rugged, fully encapsulated housings
  • Status LED’s clearly indicate open or closed position, plus indicate short circuit condition
  • Standard 4-pin euro connector (DC) or 5-pin micro connector (AC/DC)10-30VDC Cylindicator® Sensors:

10-30VDC Cylindicator® Sensors:

  • With latching or non-latching SCP
  • Power clamp sensor kits
  • 90° rotatable Cylinder Position Sensor
  • Low profile Cylinder Position Sensor
  • C2™ Cylinder Position Sensor
  • LPR Cylinder Position Sensor:

3,000/5,000 psi Cylinder Position Sensors:

  • With latching or non-latching SCP
  • 330° mounted rotatability
  • Patented, time-tested circuitry
  • NEW high strength steel base
  • Extremely rugged NEW stainless steel probe
  • NEW 5000 psi rated product in addition to standard 3000 psi sensors

C2™ WFI Cylinder Position Sensors:

  • Lowest profile cylinder sensor on the market
  • Single piece rugged die-cast housing
  • 67% fewer parts than conventional “swivel-type” sensors
  • Small size eliminates need to rotate sensor for cordset routing
  • Dual sensors fit on even the shortest stroke cylinders

Weld Field Immune Tubular Style Sensors:

  • Sen.spark
  • Sensing ranges from 1mm to 20mm
  • Designed for harsh environments
  • Polyester sensing face will not melt or burn
  • Hardcoat housing prevents weld flash from sticking to sensor
  • Available in 2-wire AC/DC or 3-wire DC WFI versions
  • Weld field immune circuitry permits operation within 1″ of resistance welder electrodes
  • Available from 6.5 to 47mm diameters

Focused Field FlatPak™ Style Sensors:

  • Sensing ranges from 40 to 50mm
  • Range stable to 70°Cnever needs range adjustments
  • No transients at power-up
  • An easy upgrade—directly replaces other extended range sensor
  • Proven in the harshest environments

Long Range Proximity Sensors:

  • Extended sensing ranges from 20mm to 250mm
  • Housing resistant to weld flash
  • 2-wire AC/DC WFI (weld field immune) circuitry
  • Detects metallic part presence where size and shape are inconsistant

General Purpose Proximity Sensors:

  • Sensing ranges from 1mm to 250mm
  • Ideal for many general purpose duties
  • Body styles to fit all jobs


Compact Photoelectric Sensors:

  • Surface mount electronics
  • Rugged construction
  • Exceptionally reliable.
  • Available in fiber-optic, retro-reflective, thru-beam, polarized, and diffused scanner styles.

Tubular  Prox Style Photoelectric Sensors:

  • Reliable photoelectric sensor
  • Longer range alternative to tubular style inductive proximity sensors.
  • Provides up to 2.5″ of sensing range
  • Compact, fixed mount, non-rotating package
  • Our famous 2-wire short circuit protected electronics.


Industry Proven:

  • Rated for continuous service
  • -10°C to 30°C ambient environment
  • Up to 1″ stroke
  • Up to 30lbs. push or pull force

Limit Switches:

Heavy Duty Limit Switch:

  • Snaplok
  • Reliable enough for around-the-clock use in environments with excessive vibration, dirt and heat
  • Namco’s Snap-Lock limit switches, a name synonymous with reliability under brutal conditions for over 60 years

Explosion-Proof Limit Switch:

  • Explosion-proof limit switch capable for use in dust-laden environments
  • Available in bronze, cast iron, or aluminium, are NEMA-rated for hazardous locations

Limit Switch for Nuclear/Marine Use:

  • Certified limit switches
  • Designed for exceedingly harsh environments
  • High quality required by the nuclear utility industry and marine nuclear use
  • The only limit switch manufacturer capable and willing to provide product with the quality assurance certification necessary to be nuclear qualified in the United States

Ultra Sensitive Limit Switch:

  • Sensitive enough to trip at the touch of a feather
  • The world’s first ultra-light trip force, as little as 0.15 oz. activates it
  • The standard of the vibratory bowl feeder industry

Compact Limit Switch:

  • Snap – Lock limit switches with a compact 30mm x 60mm mounting footprint
  • Light touch” trip force of only 40″ oz.
  • Ideal for small part presence sensing
  • A variety of actuator styles available

Special Application Solutions:

Flow Sensors:

  • Uses calorimetric sensing—no moving parts
  • Monitors coolant water or lubricant flow
  • Provides protection for pumps, welders and a variety of other process equipment

Capacitive Sensors:

  • Capacitive sensors for detection of non-metallic items
  • Full line of products for sensing liquids, paper and powders
  • Ideal for food processing, beverage and packaging applications

Hot Product Sensors:

  • Tracks hot products in the dirtiest, hottest environments imaginable
  • Four temperature set point ranges adapt the technology to differing applications
  • A leading product line in the steel industry

ProxCoupler™ Sensors

  • Connects moving sensors to controls that are stationary
  • Allows sensors to be linked to controllers without physical attachment
  • Electrical impulses from the sensor transverse an air gap of up to 1/10″ between the stationary master and remote coupler
  • Many uses on carousels, moving pallets, index tables, robot arms, etc.

HotSpot™ Hot Metal Detectors:

  • 350°C, 450°C, 800°C setpoints
  • Field selectable by wiring congiguration
  • Low leakage current—directly compatible with PLC inputs, without using a shunt resistors

MillPak™ Proximity Sensors:

  • 40mm sensing range
  • Mill hardened
  • Highly liquid resistant
  • Resistant to electrical noise
  • Will not lock onto surrounding metal
  • Non-corrosive cable connection
  • An excellent solution for sensing steel in a tough mill environment

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