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Harwil Level and Flow Swithes

Harwil Corporation’s wide range of liquid level switches provide level control solutions for many industries including chiller, scrubber, carpet cleaning machinery, water treatment, fluid handling and truck/automobile wash industries.

Harwil flow switches have provided reliable solutions for many industries including chiller, scrubber, geothermal, water treatment, boiler, carpet cleaner, pool and spa industries.

Wetted materials ranging from red brass, 316 stainless steel, Hastelloy® C-276-276, Noryl® (PPO), and Fortron® (PPS) accommodate fluids from pure water to strong acids and bases.

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Motor Monitoring Applications – NK Technologies

Electric motors are found extensively in both the manufacturing and processing industries. Both AC and DC powered motors are used to drive pumps, fans, conveyors and a broad range of specialized equipment. There are many types of motors designed for many different applications, however all require electrical current in order to generate the magnetic fields that are necessary to create rotation. By measuring this current useful information can be made available regarding the status of the motor and the equipment that is connected to it. This may be as basic as independently verifying the run status of the motor or in conjunction with a PLC, for example, to protect a pump against dry run. Thus current may be used to both monitor and protect motors and motor-driven equipment.

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American Aerospace Controls-AAC

Premier manufacturer’s of AC & DC current, voltage, power and frequency transducers since 1965. American Aerospace Controls is a company dedicated exclusively to the design and manufacture of electrical transducers for high reliability defense, aerospace and space flight applications. Our unique in-house testing for manufacturing and development meets Space Flight, Mil Grade, EMI Standards and DO-160 for reliability. The inherent quality levels of our manufacturing in compliance with ISO 9001 and AS9100 provides rail transit, commercial and industrial markets with standard catalog products produced in a high reliability environment. These markets benefit from customized products to meet specific needs that are not readily available.

Feature Product:

DC Current Transducer:  Series 920
Output: 4-20mA
(2-Wire, loop power)
Closed-Loop Technology
Superior Accuracy and Stability
Over Wide Temperature Range
Automating & updating measurement and control functions in existing systems.
Local & remote station power & battery back-up current monitoring.
Field service, maintenance & trouble shooting DC systems.
DC current sensing in laboratory experiments and special projects.

INPUT Accuracy
P/N: 920-50 0 to +50Adc 1.25%FS See
P/N: 920-75 0 to +75Adc 1.0%FS Note
P/N: 920-100 0 to +100Adc 1.0%FS (1)
P/N: 920-125 0 to +125Adc 1.0%FS
Continuous Overload………………±5000Adc
Current Signal………………………..4 to 20mAdc
Current Signal @ Overload………24mAdc (typical)
Accuracy (Over –40 to +85°C)….See above table & Note (1)
Response Time (10 to 90%)…….10milli-seconds
Load Resistance…………………….250Ω nominal (0 to 300Ω)
Protection………………………………Reverse Polarity Protected
Supply Voltage……………………….+24Vdc (+18 to +28Vdc)
Current Drain………………………….4 to 24mAdc
Voltage Transient……………………±40V T< 5mS
Operating Temperature……………-40 to +85°C
Storage Temperature………………-45 to +85°C
Isolation (Input to Output)………..2kV rms @ 60Hz / 1min
Insulation Resistance………………500MΩ @ 500Vdc
Molded Plastic Case……………….UL Flammability rating 94V-O
Weight…………………………………..14 oz max
Finish (Blue Texture)……………….Panatone No. 294C
Note (1): Accuracy includes combined worst-case effects of: zero offset; temperature; hysteresis; supply swings and current cable position.

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Encoder Mounting Configuations

Illustrating the various method of correct Incremental Magnetic and Absolute Encoder Mounting Configurations.

In all cases refer to relevant installation instruction and correct fit-up tolerances. The use of anti-backlash coupling for shaft to shaft coupling is advised.

Encoders are applied to measure speed and position in a wide variety of applications and are therefor available with numerous mounting styles. The mounting style should be selected carefully to best fit the application at hand.

VersaCount by Veeder-Root

The NEW Veeder Root VersaCount 1/16 DIN size multifunction counter is the most versatile counter on the market today. Whatever your application, timing, counting, rate measuring, position indicating, volume measurement, speed monitoring, length cutting or batch, shift, pulse or piece counting, the VersaCount is the only device you need when versatility counts.

Versatility doesn’t stop with functionality. The highest count frequency in the industry enables the VersaCount to perform in applications not previously possible with an electronic counter.  What would speed be without accuracy? That’s why the VersaCount features an unprecedented prescaler accuracy to one ten thousandth. Further, automation and precision control are achieved using three presets with relay hold times programmable up to ten minutes.

Veeder Root is the first in the industry to offer a programming assistant where applications can easily be created, archived and printed using the proprietary Programming Assistant software. VersaCount XP models allow the user to easily upload programs via USB key or Ethernet connection.

Fast input frequency up to 60 kHz allows for high speed counting and measuring applications
Up to 3 Presets for precision control (1 as absolute or trail preset, range or limit value; 2 with relay output)
Relay hold times programmable up to 10 minutes for a variety of application requirements
Prescaler adjustable from 0.0001 to 99.9999 for industry leading precision.


VR VesaCount Literature …

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Conveyor Jam Protection – NK Technologies

When conveyors jam and the drive motor continues to run, expensive mechanical damage to the drive components often occurs. By installing an NK Technologies’ Current Operated Switch an overload condition, detected by higher than normal running amps, can be used to switch off power to the motor before mechanical damage results. The switch setting can be adjusted so it is not affected by normal changes in conveyor load. Current operated switches are the modern day equivalent of less reliable electromechanical jam relays that have been in use for many decades.

In situations where there may be large variations in load an NK Technologies Current Transducer can be used to monitor conveyor motor amp draw and output this data to the conveyor control systems, commonly a PLC. The PLC may be programmed to accomodate different setpoints for different mechanical loads so that jam protection is provided from light to heavy loads. In situations where the conveyor is not able to accept analog signals NK Technologies has developed a patented transducer with a frequency output suitable for the Digital Inputs of most PLC’s.

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New Zealand Holiday

Part of the adventure in New Zealand. Not quite “White water rafting” or “Bungy Jumping”, but a lay-over for a cup of tea. Only in New Zealand. If you have been this way you will know where it is. State Highyway 4 – North Island New Zealand. Heading North in the Campervan for an overnight stay at Tongariro National Park, an some active Volcanoes.

Photo from New Zealand Ironman Ceremony in Taupo-Prior.


Veeder-Root™ offers the broadest selection of rugged and economical electronic, electromechanical and mechanical counters. Veeder products encompass a complete line of Totalizing, preset and predetermining electronic counters as well as diverse process and rate indicators. Veeder-Root™, the best known name in counters, has provided non-stop performance and production monitoring in industrial manufacturing applications for over 100 years.

Veeder-Root™ counters and indicators come in a variety of types, sizes and accessory options. Consider just a few of the following of our commercial and industrial counter varieties: Electronic Counters – Mechanical Counters – Electric Counters.

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Swiss Flow


The SF800/6 is the high-pressure version of the SF800 with extra metal enclosure. With an operating pressure of 250 bar and burst pressure of 750 bar, it is perfect for more demanding and high stress environments while retaining the versatility and other qualities of the SF800.

The inside of the sensor is similar to the SF800, and is made of high-quality plastics and composites with great chemical and thermal resilience and no susceptibility to limescale.

An integrated PCB emits the infrared signal, which is interrupted by the three blades of the rotor. SMD components transform the interrupted signal into a pulse. Because of the construction and geometry of the rotor housing, the Swissflow flow sensors can withstand high pressure.

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Opkon Angle Sensors

OPKON’s core product has traditionally been Resistive Linear Position Transducers. These position sensors are commonly applied in plastic injection machinery, textile machines, transfer and hydraulic, metal forming machines and general automation applications. In the recent years, OPKON has started production of rotary magnetic encoders and linear magnetic incremental sensors, and Rotary potentiometers for Angle Measurement.

Signal outputs from 0-5vdc  over a rotation angle of 45°, 90°, 180° or 360°, with IP Rating of IP-64.

Models are available in a male shaft version c/w Flexible coupling and Mounting bracket, or a Blind hollow shaft version with flexible tether mount.

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