Digital Publishing

Sensit has been around for over 20 years, and in that time the technology we use has changed heaps. Looking to the next decade we’re making an effort to embrace the web’s latest technologies, as a tool for reaching our customers. Whether it is on your PC, laptop of Mobile Device.

The new ” ” Website has been completely rewritten from the ground up, embracing open, standards compliant, accessible web technologies such as XHTML, CSS3, and PHP, Cloud Base and Freemium. This helps search engines index our content more easily, and helps our site display accurately across multiple devices. The net result more information quickly and easily available to you.

Making our digital publishing beautiful:

Sensit uses issuu to Visualize its documents for a uniform Professional presentation, with fast efficient browsing in a variety of forms.

issuu is the leading digital publishing platform delivering exceptional reading experiences of magazines, books, catalogs, reports, and more. In just a few seconds users can view, print and download beautiful digital editions of publications in various views. At Veederline it is our mission to empower individuals, companies, and institutions to easy access Veederline’s Literature,Technical documentation and Forms across all digital platforms.

issuu is also a popular destination site visited by millions every month. It’s a dynamic library where people are drawn to and engaged by great publications.
Sensit uses to distribute its literature and other Audio and Video media, is a cloud-based content management solution for individuals and companies ranging from small businesses to large corporations. The company has adopted a freemium business model, and provides 5GB of free storage  for personal accounts. A mobile version of the service is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

The core of the service is based around sharing, collaborating, and working with files that are uploaded to offers 3 account types: Enterprise, Business and Personal. Depending on the type of account, has a number of features such as unlimited storage, custom branding, administrative controls and 3rd party integrations with applications like Google apps, Gmail, NetSuite and Salesforce. The service also has a variety of social features such as discussions, groups and an update feed.

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