VTU Series AC/DC Voltage Transducer


High Voltage DC/AC Voltage Transducer

The VTU series of voltage transducers provide very high accuracy and safety in a panel or DIN rail mounted housing. One sensor design can measure DC or AC circuit voltages to 1200 volts, and produce an analog signal directly proportional to the voltage connected.
vtu-voltage-transducer-400x383A very valuable tool to spot issues with power generation (conventional and alternative sources) like brown outs and
phase loss. The voltage will be present on the line side of a disconnect even when the breaker or switch is open.

Voltage Transducer Applications

Photovoltaic Panels

• Connecting panel outputs in series increases the voltage sent from the panels to the load up to 1200 volts DC, and the VTU is designed to measure this safely.

Water Delivery and Treatment

• Measure the AC voltage to pumps and aerators, and shut them down if the supplied voltage falls to a dangerous level.

Cranes and lifting apparatus

• DC motors are used to lift, place and position heavy objects, as they have full torque capacity at zero speed. Use a voltage transducer to be sure that the eld windings have voltage to keep the motor speed under control.

Voltage Transducer Features – Industry Standard Output Options

• 4-20mA, 0-5 and 0-10 VDC.
• Compatible with most automation and control systems. • Output proportional to RMS voltage.

Externally Powered

• 24 VAC or DC with low power consumption.

Simple Conductor Termination

• Primary circuit uses self-tightening terminals.
• Power supply and output terminals are nger-safe.

Panel or DIN Rail Mounting Options

• If a DIN rail is not available, use the screw mounting option to attach to a back panel.

PLC Inputs
• Power supply is isolated from input and output.

UL, CUL listed and CE Approved
• Accepted around the world.



VTU Data Sheet (PDF)