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Components of railway signalling technique systems:

Electrical and electronic components, subsystems and systems for control, safety and automation of the track system in guided traffic.

  • Rail sensors (wheel sensors)
  • Signal processing and evaluation
  • Signals
  • Control Units

Rail sensors (wheel sensors):

Rail sensors are inductively acting sensors which detect the metal mass of the wheel flange and generate electrical impulses therefrom. Depending on the application a distinction is made between single wheel sensors for rolling stock detection and switching tasks as well as double wheel sensors for direction detection, axle counting and speed measurement.

Tiefenbach’s know-how in the production of wheel sensors is based on more than 30 years of experience in which these products have been continuously further developed and improved. The customer receives a highly operationally proven product which in many cases, but mainly as axle counters, meets best the high requirements of the users.

In connection with the rail sensors, Tiefenbach provides its customers – depending on requirements – with customised components for the evaluation and further processing of the sensor signals and supports users in the configuration and assembly of the components.

  • Single wheel sensor – N59-1R-200-45 (NAMUR)
  • Single wheel sensor – N59-1R-200-40
  • Single wheel sensor – N59-116vI-200-45 (with integrated switching amplifier)
  • Double wheel sensor  – 2N59-1R-200-45 (NAMUR)
  • Double wheel sensor – 2N59-1R-200-40
  • Double wheel sensor  – 2N59-1R-400RE-40 (with drop detection)

The double wheel sensor shows the way:

In all the different fields of passenger and
freight traffic, the double wheel sensor reveals
its flexible possibilities for use and its reliability.


The double wheel sensor (DSS) is a contact-less electronic sensor consisting of two individual systems that are constructed with special resonant circuits. The mass of metal in the rail wheel flange passing over the sensor causes damping of the resonant circuits.
This damping can be measured at the output of each individual system and can be further processed using a amplifier/buffer module in conjunction with an evaluation system.
The arrangement of the two systems inside the wheel sensor is selected in such a way that the pulses generated by the damping of the sensor overlap and can therefore be used for direction-dependent axle counting.

Double Wheel Sensor (DSS):

2N59-1R-200-45 Double Wheel Sensor
Train position detection with direction detection and axle counting for freight and shunting traffic for speeds up to Vmax 37 mph

2N59-1R-200-40 Double Wheel Sensor
Train position detection with direction detection and axle counting for speeds up to Vmax 220 mph

N59-1R-200-45 Single Wheel Sensor
Train position detection and axle counting for applications where direction identification is not required. Typically used in classification/hump yard applications and other presence detection type applications for speeds up to Vmax 37 mph

2N59-1R-200-47 Double Wheel Sensor
Train position detection and axle counting specially for tram vehicles with narrow wheel flanges


1/  Contact-free operation by the wheel – Robust construction and resistant to weather conditions

2/  Maintenance-free with a high life expectancy – Small physical dimensions

3/  Typically adjustment-free within the entire range of rail and wheel wear – Remains uninfluenced by rail currents, harmonics, radio interference, etc.

4/  No weakening of the rail due to installing the wheel sensor – Installation above the sleeper with rectangular cable inlet possible (advantageous with track works, packing, etc.)

Signal processing and evaluation:

The assemblies used by Tiefenbach in own systems for preparing and evaluating sensor signals are also available as components in connection with the wheel sensors.
Proven and in part patented processes such as e.g. the operation of the NAMUR transmitter (wheel sensor) at a constant current source may thus be used for the customer’s own applications.


  • Switching amplifier
  • Switching amplifier with direction detection

Axle counting systems:

Axle counting systems by Tiefenbach consist of double wheel sensors as axle counting points in combination with electronic counting mechanisms. As a subsystem within points control systems and automation systems, they are used for the rolling stock induced reliable occupied and clear signalling of track and points sections.

The highly reliable axle counting system “Tiefenbach Axle Counting System” by Tiefenbach meets the safety requirements according to international standards (CENELC) for requirements level SIL 4. The system has been set up without a microcomputer and thus does not require any software; this facilitated the entire system design, safety verification and its verification by recognised experts. The resulting cost advantage renders this product also very attractive in terms of price.

On the basis of the proven axle counting system “Tiefenbach Axle Counting System”, Tiefenbach engineers have prepared solutions in close co-operation with their customers which show new ways for the application of axle counting systems. An example is the CWT system for the speed dependent activation and deactivation of railway crossings with a constant warning time.

  • Products:
  • Axle Counting System TAZ
  • CWT system
  • Customer-specific MC-axle counting systems

Industrial & Mining – Specialty Product Examples: 

Extreme Industry Reed Switches – (Bi-Stable & Mono-stable):

Permanent & Electric Magnetic Actuators:

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